The right strapping tools solution for every industry. Siat Packaging Machinery.

The right strapping tools solution for every industry.  With the GT Series strapping tools, the packaging value chain in your company can be optimized. Find out more about the specific fields of application here.

Strapping of metal sheeting and steel coils.

Particularly in the case of transporting steel, the greatest safety in product packaging and load securing should be ensured.

This is why SIAT strapping tools offer a wide range of application possibilities and can be used both in the area of coil circumference strapping and coil stretching.

Load securing of wooden packaging and pallets.
Smooth, sharp-edged, compact, bulky – wooden charges can vary from case to case.
Siat battery strapping tools and belt tensioners guarantee secure strapping of various wood products across the supply chain.

Secure and stable strapping of pallets.

As experts in strapping machines and automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines, we help you make your pallets more stable.

More stability means more security and greater efficiency in storage and shipping.

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